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U-Connect Website Design

U-Connect Website Design and Development

U-Connect Website Design and Development is about web design. We specialize in designing clean, exceptional looking websites. If you are looking for the best way to put your content in front of your clients or potential clients or to have web presence to sell your products, we can help you with a professional web design. Businesses need to present a clean, no frills web presence to promote their products and service. The intention of website design is not to outshine the content, it is to sell the content. The webdesign is the salesperson for your content rich pages.

Three Critical Website Areas:

1. Making the website design for the person that will be looking at your website and possibly making quick decisions on your business based upon the clean, professional look.

2. Making the website visible to the public. By public we mean customers and also search engines. This also means getting exposure through Social Media and Blogs.

3. Making the website easy for you to update. We will train you to make updates or posts to your website, eliminating extra costs for these functions.

The process is to make the website for the user:

• Strategic Content Placement
• Ease of Navigation
• Client Oriented
• Clean Design
• Graphics to Inform
• Images to Inform
• Video to Market You
• Have Clients Contact You
• Call the Client to Action

The process is to make it simple for you to update:

• Changing Market… Changing Content
• New Images… Get them Online
• Training You to do the Updates

The process is to make it visible:

• Effective Domain Name Selection
• Search Engine Optimization Everywhere
• Social Media Links
• Blog to Inform and Educate


Here are the steps involved in the process of developing your website.

1. Build a Site Structure.

In conference with the client, we will construct a blueprint for the site. There will be a site outline for your website. What pages will you have? Where will the placement of your content and images be? How there will be ease of navigation?

2. Client develops the content.

3. Your new website is developed.

4. Review of the site before launch.

This would include review of the site with the client and training for the client to make updates.

5. Launching the site.

Pricing Package

Total Fees will be determined upon client consultation.

60% payable at start of project.

Remainder of fee due prior to launch.

Hourly consulting fees for post website launch consulting.


Contact us for an initial consultation to determine your needs with website design.

Contact Ernie Katko at 847-942-6759 or ernie.katko@uconnectsite.com