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Sales – Creating the Sell

In sales, many times we hear the terms, advancing the sell, the value proposition, high gain questions, and many other terms for simply YOU creating the sales opportunity.

What is Sales?

What is Sales? In this video on sales, Holly Katko takes you to the true meaning of sales. Find out how simple your next sell can be. What is another word for sales? Help. Helping someone or an organization get to the next level.

The Third of Three Leadership Skills – Cultivating Future Leaders

3. Cultivating Future Leaders
We will look at finding and cultivating leaders. First you want to target who your new leaders are going to be. The question becomes how do you do this?

The Second of Three Leadership Skills – Collaboration

This is the second of Three Leadership Skills:

2. Collaboration
It is now time to help your individual team members collaborate. This is probably one of your biggest jobs as a leader and manager...

Three Leadership Skills and How to Use Them

This is the first of Three Leadership Skills:

1. Inspiring a Vision
Why is there a company vision? The vision is a broad statement that aligns your company’s services with your clients’ needs. Your leadership skills are necessary to bring this vision alive for each of your employees. This is why...

Success – The Ingredients of Over-Achievers

My brother and I were talking yesterday. He made a statement to me, he said “Holly, you and I have a hard time comprehending that there are people out there with little-to-no ambition and no matter what you do, or try to do for them, they do not care or want to work as hard as you do to get what they want in life. They will settle for...

5 Negotiating Tactics – Number Four: Take the High Road

If the other negotiator becomes argumentative, the best approach is to let them talk themselves out and simply take notes. This will keep you from getting emotionally involved and will give you time to gather your thoughts. Listen carefully and...

What is Negotiation?

How to Negotiate Like a Pro. At some point in owning your business, you’re going to have to negotiate for something. Whether it’s over the salary you want to pay a new hire or for the best price from a vendor, negotiating skillfully will be important to the success of your business. But negotiating can be...

HealthCare – What Small Businesses Can Do

In the midst of the ever-changing healthcare environment I find that small business employers are having a more difficult time keeping standard healthcare plans in place. The definition of a small business employer is 50 employees down to 2 employees. What I have found is that small business employers are...

Sales – How to Handle Objections

In this video, Holly Katko discusses how to handle objections in sales and selling. Getting to ask the right questions to overcome objections in the sell.