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Sales Training

Sales by Design

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A MUST for anyone who wants to communicate and sell more effectively! This is about selling and sales. No longer do you need to guess your way to success. This systematic approach will give you the skills you need to have Sales by Design. This Core Business Training Area creates the opportunities you have been waiting for from obtaining prospects in your target market to building the sales call for success and negotiating our way to the final line.

Sales Training

What you will learn:

This begins with the client in mind. One of the most important selling skills you can develop for any sales situation is to focus on your customer and bond with them from the very beginning. Once you have gained their trust and they know you have their best interest in mind then you can begin to fulfill their needs based upon your own unique proposition that only you and your company can offer. This sales training will help you identify your own unique abilities and how to apply them through new sales techniques. Remember the client is buying YOU as well as the product or service you are offering. Join us as we develop the sales cycle from beginning to end – all the while keeping the client number one in your mind.
Roadblocks. Right from the moment you hear about a business networking opportunity you can throw so many roadblocks in your path that you can’t even fathom going to this event. Our purpose is to remove those roadblocks so you can walk in the door with confidence and know exactly what you are going to say and to whom. Why Network? What is the purpose of your networking? Do you have a particular goal? If you say it’s to sell a particular product or service you are partially right. But the other reason is you are looking for like-minded people to connect with. Learn networking tips to get you to the right people and the right places!

How to Negotiate. Most of us simply never learned how to be a negotiator. We didn’t learn from our parents and school didn’t teach us. But what really stops us from negotiating effectively is usually fear. And fear is nothing but being uninformed of all the facts and clearly understanding both sides of the negotiation. Discover how to create a win-win situation. But sometimes we are not secure in our position or lack in communication skills. Have you ever felt that you begin to defend your position and become weak in doing so? That you are backed into a corner with no ability to win? Do you become angry when negotiating or the opposite where you just give in? If this is the case it’s time to strategically build your negotiating skills into the effective machine they need to be.

How many times have you picked up the phone to begin prospecting and found something better to do or you felt your cold calling scripts were a flop? How many times have you told yourself that you must wait for the right time of the day, the right time of the week, the right time of the month to call people to prospect? These symptoms and many others are symptoms of call reluctance. Do you want to learn how to make cold calling and other sales techniques a part of your life that you love and look forward to doing?
We will develop a plan for successful prospecting that will help you look forward to it every day. Use one simple plan for the rest of your selling days!
When we begin target marketing we think the market we are looking at is something that we need to build from scratch. You will be surprised to know that your prospects and new clients are closer to you than you think. We will look at how to increase the markets you are targeting and market segmentation. We will focus your efforts toward your new-targeted influencers who will naturally build the markets for you based upon your marketing strategy. Target marketing based upon market segmentation will focus your efforts toward those that will increase your market share. Because of this you will increase your understanding of influencers and begin networking with them on a regular basis to obtain new business and grow stronger relationships now.
This program will take you to the next level of planning by helping you create time and stress management skills. That is why this is included in all three of the Core Business Training Areas. Plan your life with purpose. Be OUTCOME driven and FOCUSED on your Purpose in Sales. This system of thinking will take you to the next level professionally and personally. Balancing Your Life. What’s important in every aspect of your life? Where do you want to increase your sales capacity? What do you want to manage better? How do you gain time management skills – without going through a lot of pain? See the future – keep your passion in front of you and you will succeed.


Make sales happen now. Use these powerful sales techniques to get you to the next level in your business. Without sales you do not have a company. The company depends on sales to make it all happen. Do it now and you too can have all the selling skills you need to close the next deal!

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