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Leadership Training

Management Training

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This Core Business Training Area goes into depth on building effective leadership and management. The training and development covered helps your management team deal with those tough issues leadership handles everyday. Participants will develop skills that will teach them how to be a leader that people respect and want to grow with. Discover how to effectively build strong connections and eliminate conflict in the work place. Get ready to make your organization stronger – starting with the leadership team. Critical areas of leadership training involve effective goal setting and coaching, building and managing an effective team, developing the critical soft skills, and building your organizations brand and your own brand.

Leadership Training

What you will learn:

Before effective management and leadership can begin, it’s important to have a clear path to build your business. Without clear direction time is wasted and your people will struggle. Set your goals first and then manage your team through effective leadership and coaching. You will also learn how to stay in “Q1” and empower yourself and others in the process!
Teams mean multiple skills, multiple talents and multiple personalities. Your job is to bring these teams together and have all involved work in harmony for the good of the company and your success! It’s simple once you know the formula.
Soft skills are one of the essential components to being a great leader. That’s right – a good leader can only become great when they truly own and incorporate soft skills into the every day leading. We will build these skills quickly and easily and ensure they will last a life time!

One of the main functions of a leader is to retain the brand. Without the brand your company has nothing. Learn how to build this brand stronger. What can you and your staff do to instill the brand every day in every way to strengthen your company.
Being a leader means building your own brand. Through consistent management and leadership styles your employees will soon know what to expect and how you lead. Creating an atmosphere of collaboration and trust and your employees will thrive.
Yes. The bottom-line. Understanding how your goals and your department’s resources affect the KPIs for the company is essential. We will discuss the overall goals and drill them down to your specific team. This section will take the guessing out of the future.
Where is your company now in comparison to the competition? Where is your industry going? What will happen in 1 year 2, 3, 4, or 5 years? Understand the big picture and review all policies and procedures that affect your department and beyond. Take a closer look at Human Resources are you keeping the company safe?
This can be a daunting task, but with a few easy to use tools, you too can manage multiple locations easily. Discover how you CAN be in two places at one time while proactively managing each location on a consistent basis. Once you have developed your underlying strategy, you will see how to easily plug this model into the management of many locations at once!

This Core Business Training Area will take your team to the next level in Management. This training and development was built to gain the insight necessary for a true leader. Your company relies on the leaders to make each area of the company strong and to create synergies within the company that will take it to the next level.

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