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Customer Service

Customer Service Training

Customer Experience

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How important is The Customer Experience? It is the first step in ensuring long-term relationships. You can sell all day long, but if you do not take care of the client 110% of the time you don’t have a client. This Core Business Training Area will add strong customer service skills that will make your customer service department and your entire company the service company you want it to be.

Customer Service Training

What you will learn:

The Customer Experience starts at the top. Are customers turned off by your customer service? Can you say that your company effectively and happily inter-relates with all of your clients all of the time? Learn easy to use customer service strategies to make you and your company stand above the competition!
Whether you are in the office, talking to a customer on the phone, or out of the office talking to a vendor, business etiquette and good manners are critical to professionalism. You are your company. It is important to understand protocol whether you are sitting at a boardroom table or talking to an associate or a customer. You are the company. Positioning yourself during a meeting is important to status as well as your level of confidence. Learn more about the importance of business etiquette as well as office etiquette to quickly increase your professionalism as well as your status.

“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” Ok, maybe our clients aren’t that gruff, but sometimes pretty close! It’s our job to manage the irate client and get them back on the right track. That means self-control and taking the high road in every situation.
Here you will learn how to deal with difficult people. In this program on dealing with difficult people you will learn the importance of not internalizing an irate customer’s issues and instead listen and learn the next steps to take in any situation. Learn how to ease your customer’s pain as well as yours!

Knowing your clients, prospects, team members’ personalities and most importantly your own are key to building relationships for now and in the future. We will discuss four personality types and how easily we can connect and learn from personalities that are opposite to ours. These skills will increase our abilities to communicate with clients as well as teammates. Make this one of the first steps in all your training and see the difference!
Have you ever made a phone call and the person on the other end either sounded like they didn’t care or simply was rude? Probably just about every day – right! Stand out in the crowd and make you and your company different through telephone etiquette. Learn how to improve the quality of your voice and always portray a happy alert person on the other side of any phone call. You will learn how to create a business etiquette environment for the caller where anyone would feel confident that you will get him or her to the right place or solve their problem.
This program will take you to the next level of planning by helping you create time and stress management skills. That is why this is included in all three of the Core Business Training Areas. Plan your life with purpose. Be OUTCOME driven and FOCUSED on your Purpose in The Customer Experience. This system will take you to the next level professionally and personally. Balancing Your Life. What’s important in every aspect of your life? Where do you want to increase The Customer Experience? What do you want to manage better? How do you gain time management skills – without going through a lot of pain? See the future – keep your passion in front of you and you will succeed.


Create the company known for its customer service skills. Not only will excellent customer service retain clients, but also it will bring in new customers through referrals. Learn easy to use customer service strategies that will leave clients so impressed they will be calling you for the definition of “What is Customer Service?”

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