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Sales – Ask “High Gain” Questions

When you’re in a sales environment, be prepared with at least five areas where you’d like to have additional information about the client and their company. Use those areas to develop qualifying questions that will clarify the client’s needs and how you can help. Develop the relationship. If you are selling in a business-to-consumer environment, prepare yourself with the questions that will enable you to understand what the customer’s needs are and how you can help them. Develop the relationship. [...]

About Selling – Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become Things. Which has so much to do with sales and selling. That is why the magic of closing deals is so simple. Simply if you can see it then it will happen. This is called “assuming the sell.” If you can’t see it, IT won’t happen. The more you believe the more it will be …you get my drift. When I talk to a potential new client, I never think of them as “potential new client,” I think [...]

Sales – Creating the Sell

In sales, many times we hear the terms, advancing the sell, the value proposition, high gain questions, and many other terms for simply YOU creating the sales opportunity.

What is Sales?

What is Sales? In this video on sales, Holly Katko takes you to the true meaning of sales. Find out how simple your next sell can be. What is another word for sales? Help. Helping someone or an organization get to the next level.

Sales – How to Handle Objections

In this video, Holly Katko discusses how to handle objections in sales and selling. Getting to ask the right questions to overcome objections in the sell.

Sales – Selling and Understanding Personalities

Understanding Two of the Important Personalities You are Selling To

While these important players may have different titles or no title at all, it is critical to establish the relationships to solve their issues or problems. This is why you are there.

Sales | How to Sell… Inside/Out

In this video, Holly Katko explains the What, How, and Why of Sales. How taking a different approach to sales and selling can pay off with this explanation of sales from the Inside/Out.

Sales – Selling with a M.A.P.

Sales and Selling

To keep the sales call moving forward, you’ll need to develop a line of questioning. But this isn’t just any type of questioning. This is asking questions that you could not find the answers to on a...

Sales – Assuming the Sale

Sales and Selling

I want to share with you one of the most powerful ways in the world to close a sell.

Don’t do it!

You should never have to close a sell, the sell should close itself. What do I mean by that?

What is Sales? Part Three

Here is the Third of Three Areas to Know:

Develop the Client Relationship

Everyone wants to be treated special, so show your prospects that you care. Call them by their first names. Offer a firm handshake. Pay attention to what you see in their office or facility. And above all, let them...