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It’s not What we do, it’s How we do it!
U-Connect focuses on The 3 Core Business Training Areas that help you build sustained business results.
We create an experience that drives you and your employees to the next levels in their lives and careers.
How? We do things differently by creating experiences with you and for you.
One size does not fit all. It’s time to build new habits from the ground up.
Why? Because it’s time for you and your company to strategically align goals with actions.

Let’s do this now!

The 3 Core Business Training Areas:

Click on an image to see a video of Holly Katko in each training area:

We specialize in making your experience unique by fully customizing each of The Core Business Training Programs to your needs. We will work with you to design the most effective training for your organization. Every organization has unique customers and markets, it is critical to design your training program for your needs. We will help!

Sales – Ask “High Gain” Questions

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About Selling – Thoughts Become Things

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Leadership – Steps to Understanding

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Sales – Creating the Sell

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In sales, many times we hear the terms, advancing the sell, the value proposition, high gain questions, and many other terms for simply YOU creating the sales opportunity.